Requirements For Programme Re-Accreditation

  1. Purchase, completion and submission of NAB Questionnaire for Programme Accreditation (NAB/ INFO/A.6) six(6) months prior to the expiry of the last programme accreditation certificate issued to the programme by the NAB.
  2. Payment of an appropriate fee.
  3. Composition of Programme Accreditation Panel to assess the programme within 60 days on receipt of satisfactory application and full payment of the appropriate fee.
  4. Submission of Panel Assessment Report(s) to the NAB within 14 days of Panel visit.
  5. Submission of Panel report(s) to the institution for comments within 14 days on receipt of report(s).
  6. Comments on Panel report(s) from the institution to the NAB.
  7. Reaction of Panel chairperson to the comments on the report by the institution within 30 days on receipt of institution’s comments.
  8. Recommendation of Accreditation Committee to the Board within 30 days upon receipt of the Panel chairperson’s reaction to the institution’s comments.
  9. Decision by Board on the recommendation of the Accreditation Committee at the next immediate Board meeting.
  10. Communication of decision within 14 days of Board decision.
  11. Application for review, if any, within 21 days of communication of Board decision.
  12. Review and communication of review decision within 90 days on receipt of application for review.
  13. Where necessary, appeal to Minister responsible for Education as specified in the LI within 30 days on receipt of unsatisfactory review decision.